Welcome from the Proprietor

I am pleased to extend a very warm welcome to you. Thank you for visiting Bosol School’s website. We are a government-approved, co-educational school with a track record of providing a unique and unparalleled educational experience in an atmosphere that fosters a deep sense of responsibility, confidence and excellence.

Our school is situated on the fringes of Aboru, Lagos. The school benefits from a wide range of superb facilities which include sporting and recreational facilities which make life at school home away from home for our students.

From inception on the 5th of June, 1989, we have grown steadily from a handful of pupils to a bustling environment of several eager learners within just over two decades of our existence. Ours is a phenomenal story of vision, passion, commitment and excellence. Our divinely inspired vision is to empower students to acquire, demonstrate, articulate and value knowledge, skills and character that will support them, as life-long learners, to participate in and contribute positively to their world. To achieve this, we are constantly committed to the effective deployment of effective global best practices by highly trained and motivated pool of professionals in a safe and intellectually stimulating environment.


Over the years, we are delighted that we have made steady strides in achieving this vision. Year in, year out, we have consistently been able to deliver a truly international standard of education to our students, many of whom are now highly competent professionals in their various fields, applying their training here in living impactful lives and contributing to the 21st century positive change.

Our joy knows no bounds seeing that our students leave as proud ambassadors having received sound, deep, robust and life-impacting training and instructions from us and having committed themselves to a life of responsibility, contribution and service. We bear no doubts that our communities, our nation and our world will be a much better place as these young people are set to take over leadership roles and give what it takes to correct the ills of yesteryears.

Our environment is an atmosphere of love. Our students love their school! And so do their parents. We love and value them in return too. Here, children’s lives are consistently being transformed, their academic achievement is boosted, our emphasis on character is internalized and lived out in their daily lives and discipline is embedded in the communal life of the school. Our mission and strategic intents are being pursued vigorously and with God’s grace, challenges are being overcome and victories increasingly won. We have cause to be truly grateful.

As you explore our brand new, user-friendly website with a functionality that enables it adapt itself to your smart phones, tablets and other devices in addition to other great features, we assure you of a truly fulfilling and thrilling experience. Once again, thank you very much for visiting.
Mr. I. O. Bhadmus