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Student Leaders

The ninth Strategic Intent (SI 9) of Bosol School states

"Develop leadership skills at all levels of the school community".

This is linked to the school's vision of raising worthy and excellent leaders who will make huge contributions in our society.  Therefore, leadership opportunities abound in school for students in all year groups ranging from class captains, room leaders to prefects. 

There is also a Students' Representative Council (SRC) which provides the school with the essential 'Pupil Voice' much needed as a feedback system by the school management in the effective running of the school.

This is the highest level of student leadership in the school. This page contains the profiles of the appointed Prefects of Preston.  Though still very young, they have devoured leadership material such as the works of Daniel Goleman on leadership styles and are very conversant with the intricate issues of leadership.  Their grasp of these issues is reflected in their firm, fair and consistent approach in dealing with their mates and junior students.  Taking their cue from the over-arching principles of servant leadership embraced by the school leadership, they have set for themselves very high standards and without doubt will blossom into some of the finest leaders that our country will have.  No wonder they have the whole school on a leash!  Painlessly and effortlessly, they engage with classmates and juniors with high levels of emotional intelligence.  Prefects are responsible to maintain general orderliness among learners by:

  • Ensuring that noise levels remain minimal at all times.
  • Ensuring that learners are properly dressed at all times.
  • Ensuring that queues are formed where required and that behaviour is good at all times.
  • Ensuring that learners do not loiter or litter and that the school environment is tidy at all times.
  • To report indiscipline/good behaviour among learners to staff.
  • To supervise the movement of learners and ensure punctuality
  • To ensure orderly conduct during assemblies, lunch etc
  • To be examples of excellence

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